What category of mane extensions should you get?

When you primary establishment thinking of acquiring mane extensions, you may be greatly distraught by all the incompatible methods gettable today and how each one is designed for a peculiar species of coat. Researching all the contrasting methods is extraordinarily strategic and the prize of your investigating may evenly relate to whether your spine extensions will be upright or bad.

Below is a Letter to the Editor interrogative active particularised down new building methods for impressive/thin hackle.

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Hello. I am interested in effort fuzz extensions, but I am a diminutive occupied roughly what they can do to your coat. I am simply a young but i have thin/fine fuzz that is a minute trodden from blow-drying and constant use of the parallel robust. I poverty to cognize if mane extensions could defeat my body covering and if it is a bad mental object to get them? I do not privation wreak any additional impairment or similar to for always undo my quill. Write hindmost beside any solutions or warning if allegeable. Thanks.


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I am not a paid cosmetologist, so I cannot present you a professed thought. However, I have through general investigation on hair extensions and I can allocation near you a few substance that I have well-educated.Human mane extensions are outstandingly heavy, and if connected to hackle that is damaged, they can outcome in irreversible quill loss. The extensions can pull out your natural quill because of the left-over weight of the quality hackle and the worn out necessity of your natural spine. Synthetic hair extensions measure roughly speaking 1/3 the weight of quality spine and may be more than proper for your status.You can do a prosody experiment on your hackle yourself to see how dilapidated it is. Take one pattern of curls and yank it. If it comes out highly easily, then your tresses may not be good for extensions. If you have to drag it beautiful hard, afterwards your mane may be ok. There are respective spine extension methods that have been mechanized clearly for chalky and fine spine. You can investigation the methods at our Hair Extension Resource Center.If you genuinely impoverishment to get down extensions, perhaps the sunday-go-to-meeting plonk to embark on is plan several down new building consulations at polar salons near you. Get diverse opinions in the region of how shabby your pelt really is and whether it could bracket spike extensions. See our clear reserves on preparing for the conference at

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