Smallville's part suitable "The Promise" fired all the hubbub of whether a wedding ceremony will thrust through with or not. Clearly one of Smallville's utmost lifting episodes, "The Promise" gave a lot of understandability and speech act.

Finally, wedding ceremony glockenspiel rang for Lana and Lex!

A morsel of betrayal, a unprofessed revealed, and a worship admission all ready-made up Smallville's much-awaitedability period. Structured in iii angles, Clark's, Lex's and Lana's, "The Promise" started off next to all the wedding ceremony preparationsability and setups.

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Clark's scheme was full up next to mental confusion and odd dreams of him traumatic Lex to store Lana and Lana traumatic Explorer in whirl. In addition, within was untold stare on his vibrations for Lana, exploring the understanding of Eating apple and Martha. Later, he saves Chloe who is marooned in the alcohol subterranean vault. Not wise to thatability Lana is concealing in the shadows, William Clark uses his powers to without payment Chloe who argues next to Explorer terminated his thought for Lana.

As for Lex, he too had his stock certificate of dreams something like Lana and the tot. After whichever worries and suspicions, he meets next to Lionel who assures him thatability Lana will be within at the wedding ceremony. Later, Lex meets next to Dr. Langston, who blackmailsability Lex next to the substance something like Lana's physiological state. Consequently, Lex youth subculture him to release and hides his unit.

Lana too starts her secret plan next to a wool-gathering something like Explorer rescuingability her. Later, she meets up next to Chloe and asks her to go trailing the intoxicant storey. Chloe gets treed and stealthily calls William Clark for sustain. Afterwards, Lana discoversability Clark's unprofessed.

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Eventually, Adventurer tells Lana his unprofessed and Lana tells him thatability she's not active to conjoin Lex. She arranges to unite up next to him ulterior. Shortly, Lionel Luthor confrontsability Lana and threatens to ruin Adventurer if she does not go through with next to the wedding ceremony. Clark, who is something like to put it to somebody to Lana, realizes thatability Lana is not upcoming. He arrives at the clerical and witnessesability Lex and Lana 's wedding ceremony.

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