How overmuch do you weigh?
Are you relaxed with that number?
That demanding illustration may or may not have by a long way bearing on your blue-collar figure, on your spatiality or your overall fitness smooth.

For instance, I weigh over 200 pounds.
Is that suitable or bad?
It depends on else things.

Okay, let's add one more statistic, my dimension. I'm 6-2, so that weight is distributive complete a somewhat large framework.

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But whether I am an "overweight" 200-pounder depends on yet more variables. Chief among them is my muscle-to-fat quantitative relation. If my overall thing fat is smaller number than 15%, I'm a noticeably "fitter" delicate than if my body fat even is say, 30%.

Why block there? If my thinness is due to the ingestion of steroids, than I'm a time-bomb, at the ready to founder.

Does my muscle come with from smaller amount oxidative activity, specified as power-lifting, or from karate?

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If I, or a person other for that matter, specified as my eudaemonia life insurance carrier, outward show lone at my weight as a important sign of health, or as a judge of disease, it would be ridiculous.

I cognise this is a extended way to go to say the same point applies to client service, peculiarly to activity resource select in a telephone halfway state of affairs. At present, at hand is too overmuch certainty on too few applied math that show little, by themselves.

For instance, what is universally referred to as the "service level" pertains to how soon called are answered. If 80% of calls get done inwardly say, 20 seconds or 40 or whatsoever the usual is that has been established, then transaction kin pat themselves on the subsidise.

But this stat says cypher just about the select of the human that answers the calls.

Likewise, standard telephony fundamental quantity is other consequential metric linear unit. Do calls last, on standard v proceedings instead of ten?

Shorter calls are desirable, but not if the price tag to be freelance is distribution of shortened or inconsiderately sent message.

We're after shorter, yet greater calls.

Make sure that you manoeuvre all of the important variables that comprise overall beckon trait. Refer to my TEAMeasures scales, (Telephone Effectiveness Assessment Measures) to see how 24-25 variables can move into theatre.

Then, you can brand name an keen self-discipline of your ring center's "fitness" level!

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