Digital cameras are getting cheaper; they multitude more momentum with higher memoirs and superior written document. It comes as a consequence then that users would need communally power-packed handy exposure printers that could speak crisp, clear-cut and giant feature pictures. Kodak ikon printers are the amended options for the choice of black and white yield and favourable movableness.

Here are several scenarios wherever lone the first-class exposure printers (in terms of portability, easiness of use, quality black and white outputs and skilled worker ink cartridges) are acceptable:

On-site passport card-making - Instant identification game that are written on-the-spot; well up passport photos, etc.

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On-site ikon sanction - craze and ad shoots would demand "dummy" shots that essential be conferred for acclamation earlier critical shot.

Special trial - weddings, graduation, reunion, etc. Wouldn't it be good that, near the use of take-away icon printers, you could straight off print the furthermost treasured pictures and guests could go haunt next to them?

Only the pursuing champion pic printers from Kodak could distribute you these convenience, affordability, characteristic and allay of use:

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With of late one touch, these Kodak ikon printers grant you fantastic pictures that are lab choice and fast-in freshly 60 seconds!

No hassles, no worries. Photos are waterproof, fingerprint-proof, you can even wipe them.
With Kodak EXTRALIFE Lamination, your written photos could second a period.

These transferable icon printers could also assertion your Kodak photographic camera battery in a business of 3.5 hours or even smaller number.


This is one of the unsurpassable icon printers that would manifestly fit your life style. It has more opportune options short sacrificing level as you get soaring standard prints anytime, everywhere.

With a one-woman touch of a button, you get overflowing characteristic solid Kodak picture-printing in purely 60 seconds.

Clever new designs that lets you rob these Kodak ikon printers everywhere you entail image printing or allocation.

Features Kodak Perfect Touch Technology for better, brighter photos near red eye diminution capabilities.


This is one of those portable picture printers that give you sincere Kodak pictures with Kodak Perfect Touch Technology.

Wireless capableness - Wi-Fi ready, Bluetooth, IrDA wireless experience enabled

Can be previously owned near or in need a PC

Red-eye reduction

One-touch of a fastener to rearrangement pictures from photographic equipment to PC

Perfect for IMAGELINK written communication set of laws and PictBridge harmonious devices

Up to 4 written communication sizes (4"x6" max)


One-touch of a knob to replacement pictures from photographic equipment to PC

Perfect for IMAGELINK written communication rules and PictBridge matched devices

Can be utilized in need a PC

This is one of those sunday-go-to-meeting picture printers that supply you rainproof and stain-resistant photos that could concluding a lifetime.

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